Why Choose Shamrock Tuckpointing?

Shamrock Tuckpointing is a Chicago tuckpointing contractor providing quality tuckpointing services at a reasonable cost to both homeowners, landlords and commercial building owners. We have been in business 30 years because we are focused on customer satisfaction, from your first call to the final inspection. We also offer a five year warranty on tuckpointing services.

What areas do you serve?

Shamrock Tuckpointing is based in Alsip, Ill., and serves the Chicago metro area from the South Suburbs to Northwest Suburbs, Western Suburbs, North Suburbs, O’Hare area, North Suburban Lake County, East-West Corridor/DuPage County, and Northwest Indiana.


What does it cost to tuckpoint an average size house in Chicago?

The cost to tuckpoint a building depends on a number of factors including the size and condition of the building. The best thing to do is to call us for a free estimate. We will provide a complete estimate after a complete inspection.




How do you know your home or building needs tuckpointing?

Obvious signs include cracking, flaking and deterioration of the mortar between the bricks. Shamrock Tuckpointing offers a no-cost, no-obligation inspection of your brick and mortar. Attention to the matter early can prevent more expensive repairs in the future.



What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a process in which old, damaged mortar is removed and replaced with new mortar between the bricks. Tuckpointing can also be called pointing or repointing.


Will you be able to match the mortar of the existing building?

Yes. We select the mortar to use based on the age of the building. Modern buildings (post 1930) should be repaired with a cement-based mortar.



My chimney is being chipped away little by little in various spots, as if the face of the red brick is just being shaved off by the elements of weather. Can the brick be patched?

The problem you describe is called “spalling” and it happens when water penetrates the brick. It cannot be patched and needs to be replaced so that it will not spread any further. The chimney cap may have a crack that is causing water to leak into the brick.



Why is it dangerous to let damaged chimneys go unrepaired?

Cracked and deteriorating chimneys can cause toxic gases from appliances and heaters to be backdrafted into your house instead of exhausted to the outside. Dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can pose a serious health risk.




Why is my brick parapet wall deteriorating?

Like chimneys, parapet walls are more exposed to the elements than flat walls. Check them regularly for signs of damage.


Why replace damaged brick?

If damaged brick is not removed, problems will spread quickly and you may soon have a more expensive repair on your hands. A professional mason will carefully remove the damaged sections and replace them with a matching brick and mortar.



What is the white powdery substance on my brick?

The white powdery substance that can sometimes appear on brick is called efflorescence. It’s actually salt deposits left behind when moisture seeps into the brick and then evaporates. It’s not harmful, but if moisture continues to be a problem, mortar and damage to the brick may ensue.



John Gallagher


About the Owner

John Gallagher learned the craft of tuckpointing while in his late teens. His father, a first generation Irish immigrant and construction worker, encouraged his son’s entrepreneurial spirit. John earned a business degree from Loras College, and soon afterward he founded Shamrock Tuckpointing.

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