Brick Repair

Moisture is the enemy of brick. If it finds its way into brick, the freezing and thawing cycle will cause the brick to spall. When this happens, the brick offers no structural support to the masonry wall.  The problem quickly spreads to surrounding brick. Cutting out the damaged brick and replacing it is the correct brick repair.  Chicago brick repairs are usually completed on brick  that is exposed to the elements because they tend to deteriorate first. Inspect parapet walls, chimneys, brick fencing and steps routinely for damage. Shamrock Tuckpointing has more than 30 years of experience in Chicago brick repair and brick replacement and understands a building owner’s concerns for a seamless brick repair.

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Trust Shamrock Tuckpointing for a Seamless Brick Repairs

Brick repair Chicago

Chicago brick repair mortar matching

Chicago lintel and brick repair

Brick Matching

Whether you own a 1950s Chicago Bungalow or a 1970s apartment building in Oak Lawn, we’ll find the perfect match for your brick to ensure a seamless brick repair. If the brick is no longer manufactured we’ll present an alternative solution.

Mortar Matching

For a brick repair to look seamless, the mortar needs to have the right texture and color. Older mortars used different materials than today. Rely on the experts at Shamrock Tuckpointing to find the perfect match.

Lintel Replacement

The brick around windows and doors can crack or bulge due to failing lintels — the horizontal beams installed above windows and doors to support the building. In Chicago, lintels are susceptible to rust and expansion, resulting in structural damage. We replace the lentil and complete the brick repair.

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