Chimney Repair

In Chicago chimney repair is a needed because brick chimneys are far more exposed to wind, rain, snow and ice than masonry walls. Mortar joints suffer the effects of continued expansion and contraction due to the heat of the fire and cold exterior temperatures. Left unrepaired, chimney damage can cause dangerous and unhealthy gases to enter into your building and can create a fire hazard. Without chimney repair, the structure can fail, potentially causing damage to people or property. It is important to treat Chicago chimney repair issues such as deteriorating mortar promptly, because once mortar begins to deteriorate, it can quickly turn into a much more expensive chimney repair, involving brick replacement or a complete rebuild.

Shamrock Tuckpointing has repaired and restored hundreds of Chicagoland chimneys.

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Common Problems with Brick Chimneys

Chicago spalling brick on chimney

Chicago chimney repair broken chimney crown

saturated brick masonry wall

Spalling Brick

A flaking brick surface on this Chicago chimney is an indication of spalling. Spalling is caused by a combination of moisture, freezing and thawing.

Broken Chimney Crown

Cracked or missing chimney crowns are a leading cause of leaks. Designed to shed water from the top of the chimney, a missing or deteriorated crown leaves brick unprotected from moisture. If left untreated, mortar and bricks can deteriorate to where a major repair or chimney rebuild is necessary.

Saturated Masonry Wall

Masonry is water resistant, not waterproof. Over time, especially with the freezing and thawing cycles of Chicago winters, brick becomes more porous. Complete saturation indicates a significant source of water that will rapidly deteriorate brick, mortar and masonry.

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