Caulking & Sealing

Caulking & sealing Chicago buildings is essential to keep out rain, sleet and snow. Caulking also improves energy efficiency. Shamrock Tuckpointing expertly installs caulking and sealant products to ensure watertight masonry buildings. Failed and deteriorated caulking should be properly removed, and new sealant applied and tooled for a proper watertight seal. All windows and doors, perimeter, control and expansion joints are sealed using a variety of materials such as polyurethane, butyl rubber and silicone caulks.

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Caulking Keeps Chicago Buildings Watertight


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Single Family Homes

Because brick expands and contracts, caulking is needed to maintain a seal around openings such as windows, doors and vents. Chicago homeowners should check their caulking every two to three years to ensure that it is not cracked or broken, avoiding potentially serious problems from water damage.

Apartments and Condos

Chicago is going green. Reduce your carbon footprint by caulking around windows, doors and other openings. Caulking & sealing Chicago apartment buildings helps keep the heat in and the cold out. In Chicago, an energy-efficient apartment or condo will be easier to rent or sell.

Commercial Buildings

With tighter budgets, managers of Chicago offices, schools, churches and other public buildings need to watch every expense. Caulking & sealing is a routine maintenance item that if neglected could have a big negative impact on the bottom line. Caulking & sealing ensures that minor problems don’t lead to major damage.

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