Tuckpointing Chicago buildings with craftsmanship and care is the foundation of our business. While brick can last 100 years, mortar lasts just 20-30 years, depending on exposure to the elements. If your building has deteriorated mortar joints, tuckpointing will help maintain the integrity of the wall system and keep water from deteriorating the brick as well. Our tuckpointing process involves scraping out the old mortar to a depth of 1/2″ or 3/8”, removing dust and debris from the joint, carefully selecting mortar, packing mortar into the joints, tooling of the joints and spraying the surface with water to ensure proper curing.  Shamrock Tuckpointing, based in the South suburbs, has been tuckpointing Chicago commercial and residential buildings for more than 30 years. Also known as “pointing” and “repointing,” tuckpointing becomes necessary when the mortar becomes loose, threatening the stability of the structure.

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We Tuckpoint All Types of Chicago Properties

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Exterior brick work
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Condominiums & Apartments

Left unchecked, mortar deterioration can cause problems inside and out of your Chicago brick townhome, condo or apartment building. We get the job done right, while keeping associations and property managers satisfied with professional, attentive service.

Commercial Buildings

Your Chicago brick office building, shopping center, school, or church will look like new again with quality tuckpointing.  Repointing  or tuckpointing protects your real estate investment and will save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Single Family Homes

A full house tuckpointing job is typically needed only once every 30 years in the Chicago area. However, some areas of your home that are more exposed to moisture, such as brick chimneys, parapet walls, and brick steps, may need more frequent attention.

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