If you want to know how we create a new chimney crown you will want to watch this video.

The homeowner in Barrington Hills, Ill., didn’t really think about the chimney until they noticed leaking on the inside of the fireplace. A closer look revealed a deteriorated chimney cap. The original chimney was faulty—it  did not have a proper overhang. This allowed  water to work its way down inside the chimney, causing substantial damage to the chimney cap as well as the surrounding brick on the  fireplace.

We created a new custom-fit chimney crown out of concrete. The first step was to construct the wooden forms around the top of the brick fireplace. When secure, workers then poured the concrete. Metal rebar ensures that the concrete has a secure  hold to the  fireplace. A lip on the concrete keeps water flowing in the right direction – away  from the fireplace.

Once we had the chimney crown securely in place, mortar joints on the fireplace were ground out to ensure a good bond with the new mortar. Damaged bricks were replaced and the entire chimney was tuckpointed.  The final result is a chimney that looks brand new and will last another 2o years.

Even if your home is newer, improper installation of chimney caps can quickly deteriorate your brick. Make it a habit to check your chimney every few years for signs of deterioration. Efflorescence, cracks in the chimney crown and chipped mortar are a few of the signs to look for.

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