What is the cost to repair a chimney crown in Chicago?

Buildling a Chimney CapCracked chimney crowns are the leading cause of chimney damage and No. 1 chimney repair we perform.  Chimney crown repair cost varies depending on the type and size of chimney; the extent of the damage; and accessibility to make the repair.

The least expensive repair involves resurfacing the crown and this is only suitable when the crown damage is limited to multiple hairline cracks. We apply a product that seals the masonry, keeping water out and preventing the cracks from deepening. The average cost for resurfacing a crown is $375.

When more extensive damage has been inflicted on the chimney crown, replacement is necessary. To complete the job, the old chimney crown needs to first be removed by chipping out the old mortar. If the damage was severe,  brick on the chimney may also need repair.

To create a new crown a form is constructed out of wood to fit the chimney with an overhang to minimize water running down the chimney. Concrete is poured into the form.  When the concrete is set, we remove the form. Sealing with asilane-siloxane clear penetrating water repellent on the sides of the chimney as well as the chimney crown help keeps moisture from getting into the chimney.  Complete chimney crown replacements range from $1,000 – $3,800 with the cost dependent on how much brick replacement needs to be done. The average cost in Chicago is about $1,000-$3000.

Of course, the best way to find out how much your chimney repair will cost, is to get a free, no obligation estimate. Give us a call today or complete our form. We’ll get back to you soon.


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