Too Cold for Tuck Pointing in Chicago?

Tuck pointing in cold weather Our first dusting of snow fell last night and people are asking if it is too cold for tuck pointing in Chicago. Some of these people are buying or selling a house and want to have tuck pointing completed as part of the sale.

Temps Should be Above 40 Degrees for Tuck Pointing in Chicago

Generally, tuck pointing in Chicago is best done when the surface material is above freezing and future temperatures are above 40 degrees. If you can’t wait until the weather gets warmer, you can try to keep the area warm enough using tarps and portable heaters.

If facing cold temperatures, there’s a possibility that the mortar won’t generate enough heat especially when wind and frost are a factor. While curing, ice crystals may form jeopardizing the mortar integrity.  Last  year the weather was so mild we were able to tuckpoint through December without any problems.  If you think you would like to get the job done now, give us a call and we will assess the situation. If it’s best to wait until Spring, we’ll let you know.

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